Saturday, November 22, 2014

5 Ways to Pay It Forward

7 Photography Tricks You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Can Do

Just when you thought you needed to purchase external devices such as fisheye lens or tripods, now, there’s an alternative solution! In this video, the guys at COOPH demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips and tricks that you can do with your iPhone 5S.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

REALTORS®: Six-Month Single Family Home Outlook “Moderate”

REALTORS’® confidence about the outlook for the next six months for single-family homes is still generally “moderate” in many states, according to the September  REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey: 

The graphs below show a measure of REALTORS’® confidence for the single family residential market on a state-by-state basis.[1]  An index above 50 indicates that there are more respondents who viewed their markets as “strong” or “moderate” compared to those who view them as “weak.” The higher the index, the more respondents there are with “moderate” or “strong” outlook. 

Many states had an index greater than 50, the highest in North Dakota and the District of Columbia, states with strong economic and job growth. 

REALTORS® Confidence Index: Outlook in Next Six Months for Single-Family Homes Based on July 2014-September 2014 RCI Surveys
Posted in Economist Commentaries, by Scholastica (Gay) Cororaton, Research Economist on October 28, 2014

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